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Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you will find information about my hobby projects related with software, hardware and other technical (or not) stuff. Above navigation links represents the main page categories in this site.

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Hardware / FPGAs




One of my hobbies is math/physics. Wish I knew more about it! Well, I'm trying to learn. As I do, I sometimes write notes. Often, the best way to uncover gaps in one's own knowledge is through trying to explain.

These notes do not contain new discoveries, nor do I believe that I am any better at explaining things than professional educators. These are merely my personal study notes. They are not formal although I try to make sure that the math contained therein is correct.


Notas y resumenes de física (en permanente construcción):

Colección de ejercicios de física


Some monographs I did as a homework.


Rooms by the sea (Edward Hopper, 1926).

Welcome To My Personal Home Page.
On the Internet since 2006. Wow!

This site is a box where I put all kind of things: articles, monographs, hobby projects and other technical (or not) stuff. I hope that among all materials accumulated for this particular Diogenes syndrome you can find something useful or interesting.

Some articles are written in English (sorry for my poor English), others in Spanish, some in both. If you cannot read Spanish, try Google Translator. I hope this help you.

If you have any comment or suggestion please send me an email. I will answer you as quickly as I can.


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