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wavutil.exe is a command-line utility that performs some operations on audio files like change sample rate, raw -> wav / wav -> raw file format conversion, etc. It is like SoX but capable of a much more small range of operations. It's written in C#.


Some examples: Show help $ wavutil -h $ wavutil -w --fmt=s08 --fs=8000 xfile.raw yfile.wav }}: Read signed 08-bit samples and write a *.wav file with a Fs=8kHz and 32-bit float sample format $ wavutil -r --fmt=s16 xfile.raw yfile.wav

Read a *.wav file and writes signed 16-bit samples in a raw file (headerless). The sampling rate information is lost. $ wavutil -s --P=2 --Q=3 xfile.raw yfile.wav The new sample rate is $F_y = (2/3) F_x$


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